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Tips for dull hair

Your hair is dull, dull? The problem is usually the scalp sebaceous glands do not produce enough sebum, so that the hair becomes dry. In addition, he suffers the vicissitudes of life: the sun, hair dryer, not always balanced diet … But do not panic! Discover all our advice to restore your hair radiant with health.

> Natural remedies
Make use without moderation masks : with egg yolk, with almond, honey, avocado at Shea . You can make it a week.

Some products have considerable benefits for the hair …
– This is the case of olive oil. You can soak the hair with olive oil, wrap in a towel before you go to bed. The next day, strength and shine will be waiting for you! To renew 1-2 times per month.
– Then, lemon and vinegar. Mix these two ingredients with warm water, soak your hair with this solution before your shampoo . Make your shampoo as usual and massage your scalp for 2-3 minutes. Rinse your hair and then apply the prepared mixture. Let rest a bit, then rinse. That will give them shine and sparkle!
– Then there yeast to take capsules. It is known to make hair shiny.
– Finally, argan oil nourishes and revitalizes the hair dull and dry. Apply before your shampoo throughout the hair, concentrating on ends.

The right thing
To maintain a beautiful hair, we must deal with it. This includes a healthy lifestyle and the right moves to take daily.
– First, think at the end of each shampoo to rinse your hair with cold water. This makes them stronger.
– At brushing, start with the spikes, gently pulling on the matted areas, then without breaking up the hair fiber. If you go too quickly, you may break the shine of your hair .
– Avoid subjecting your hair coloring and permanent repetition.
– Similarly, African braids are very pretty, but when your hair lack luster, the abyss of this advantage.
– Think you cut the tips.

Choose a good shampoo . Prefer moisturizing shampoos hair dry and dull. Always do a leave-in conditioner . This will help you in making brushing your hair soft and malleable. Brands offer masks to repair dull hair : Make it at least once a week to pamper your hair.

Watch your diet
A good diet , it shows on your body but also your hair! If your hair is dull, it is probably due to iron deficiency. Then be sure to take a balanced diet rich in fatty acids (contained in the oil and fish), iron, vitamin B (cereals, yeast, wheat, almonds, walnuts, dairy products), zinc which promotes hair regrowth ( lentils , shellfish, egg yolks), fruits and vegetables. A deficiency in vitamin B6 can cause dull hair or even hair loss over the long term.

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