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Tips for having a good ear hygiene

The hygiene of the ears is a natural process that must be accompanied by a few simple actions for its own well-being and to prevent certain diseases aids.

The ear canal naturally secretes earwax.This protects the eardrum and traps dust and bacteria.Ear cleaning is mainly focused on the external part of the ear with cotton swabs or in the shower with soap and water.
The inner ear can be cleaned gently with jet shower or sprays ear drugstore.The frequency of the internal cleaning of the ear canal can not be daily.Two to three times per week will be amply sufficient to not irritate the inner ear.

Some precautions
Some of our habits may affect the natural balance and can cause some discomfort.Frequent bathing, wearing hearing aids may require treatment that will lubricate the eardrum to protect and avoid irritations and ear infections.
Hygiene ears if irritation will be even more cautious and limited exclusively to the outer part of the ear.

If discomfort or pain
A hearing loss or pain especially when lying down should lead to visit an ear, nose and throat specialist in diseases of the sphere encompassing nose, throat and ears.Discomfort in the ear hygiene also.Indeed, if the hearing is decreasing it could be an earwax quite common among people using daily swabs.The wax is then pushed inside the ear and can not escape.The cap is formed.The doctor can remove it with a vacuum or after instillation of drops will soften the cap.This procedure is not painful and lasts a few seconds.
In case of pain, there may be several explanations, ear infections are the most common.Very painful and independent hygiene ears most of the time, they require a medical consultation.They are due to inflammation.Treatment will soothe the pain and heal the inflammatory part.When hygiene ears very small, the use of cotton swabs should be avoided.Only the outer part of the ear is gently cleaned with soapy water.
Tips for having a good ear hygiene

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