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Tips for healthy weight

Taking high calorie foods in balanced meals, practice weightlifting and taking creatine supplements, are approved methods to gain weight healthily.

Whether for sporting reasons, personal or professional, taking a few extra kilograms is not as easy as it sounds.For many people, gaining weight can be just as difficult as losing it.Often, a change in diet can help a person to add the extra weight desired.But weight gain sustainable, it is essential to follow very specific guidelines in order to gain weight healthily.

Increase the amount of calories daily

  • Eat foods that are high in calories while controlling the balance of your meals to gain weight healthily. There are many examples, however, we can mention a few: the whole grain breads, avocados and potatoes, green beans, lean red meat, poultry and fish.
  • Increase the caloric value of your meals by adding milk powder in your preparations. Also add avocados and olives to sandwiches, wheat germ to your cereal, chopped meat to your pasta sauce, and so on. Choose foods rich in calories when you have a choice. For example, corn is higher in calories than green beans.

Consume creatine intake

  • Creatine is an acid that provides energy for the proper functioning of nerve cells and muscles and helps to gain weight healthily and quickly saving you a few points in the index of muscle mass.
  • Add this to supplement the protein intake or mix it with water to increase energy and improve your performance and endurance. Thus, creatine helps muscles absorb more water to build muscle faster while still being able to work longer and rebuild faster.

Other tips

  • Try to relax as much time as possible. The excessive agitation and hyper arousal, you can burn a lot of calories. Add also the weightlifting exercises to your daily routine. They help to gain weight healthily building a large muscle mass.
  • Also try to eat at regular times. Do not skip meals and take three meals a day with at least two snacks between meals. In addition, increase the consistency of your meals. Double the amount of protein and carbohydrates on your plate and eat slowly to avoid getting sick.

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