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Tips for managing a woman “know-it-all”

Whether spouse, colleague, boss or friend, his attitude infuriates you.Here are some tips to handle a woman “know-it-all” and avoid conflicting reports.

Presenting themselves as experts in all fields, women “know-it-all” is constantly put forward to parasitize meetings, friendly relations or family life.If these figures are difficult to identify, it is nevertheless possible to learn how to handle a woman “know-it-all.”

What a woman “know-it-all”

  • Always at ease, even offhand, the woman “know-it-all” talk about everything, but mostly talk a lot. One main feature of this behavior is excessive propensity to communicate to systematically develop.
  • Although this behavior can annoy, it reflects a real lack of confidence. Woman “know-it-all” needs to be reassured about their knowledge and skills. For fear of not being recognized, it anticipates the reaction of his interlocutor to self-induce its features.

Learn to manage this pervasive personality

  • To manage a woman “know-it-all” must have patience. Gradually as the person will feel confident with you and always will no longer use this kind of trick to feel important in your life.
  • Manage a woman “know-it-all” does not mean to suffer the situation. Aside a frank and direct can help resolve the situation. Choose simple words and clearly explain your feelings can raise awareness of a woman “know-it-all” goes too far.
  • The report developed by a woman “know-it-all” is a vicious circle in which you do get carried away. As part of the work in particular, this situation can lead to a feeling of inferiority very disturbing, even beyond the strict professional.

Be understanding but know how tough

  • To manage a woman “know-it-all” must both be tactful, but do not accept personal attacks and know how to end the relationship if it disturbs you.
  • If despite your best efforts, it is impossible to manage a woman “know-it-all” in your life, get into the game and ask for details. Engage your contact to get to the bottom of his reasoning to destabilize.
  • This is not because she seems to know everything that the person actually knows everything about everything, find the fault and confront the. Consistently using this technique, your interlocutor probably get tired very quickly and put his pride aside, at least in your presence.

Tips for managing a woman "know-it-all"

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