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Tips for more melanin

With melanin our skin gets tanned look this beautiful summer provided you take certain precautions.To activate the tanning and therefore have more melanin, it is necessary to know a few tricks.

Melanin is present in the body of all persons.This is what will define the color of our eyes, our hair and our skin also.
When exposed to sunlight the body will produce melanin for protection.Indeed, it is secreted to the absober ultraviolet rays.
It protects exposed skin and darkens the color of the skin to provide protection.People with black skin will therefore have more melanin than white skin.


The role of melanin:

  • Melanin is the body’s defense against potential aggression from the sun. It filters and absorbs UV rays but is not sufficient to counter the harmful effects of the sun where it would have more melanin. More the body is exposed, the more melanin is sought.
  • In the case of regular exhibitions and she has a very intense beneficial effect on the skin that can protect well-known carcinogenic effects of the sun.
  • However, during prolonged exposure is no longer sufficient and the risk of developing skin cancer is still very present.


How dope?

  • If you want to tan more quickly it is desirable to have more melanin. This possibility is more developed in the laboratory.
  • New generations of solar creams to protect the skin from the sun are manufactured to boost melanin. They are concentrated in peptides and accelerate production and tanning is faster and more intense.
  • The huge advantage of these creams is, besides a tanning fast and durable, offering effective protection against the harmful effects of the sun.



  • You can have more melanin in enriching your diet with fruits and vegetables red and orange.Tomatoes, carrots, apricots or even paprika will allow your skin to stain more easily and quickly .
  • Food supplements in capsule form have the same properties associated with other benefits for the skin: moisturizing, strengthening skin’s defenses, flexibility, anti-aging.
  • These tips will help you to boost your natural melanin and so tan evenly and permanently. It is necessary to start this treatment at least fifteen days before the first exposure to the sun to prepare your body.
  • And especially protect yourself with sunscreen for your skin, which remains essential.

Tips for more melanin

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