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Tips for oily hair

For oily hair, shampoos not focus too rich, more liquid and transparent than creamy, clay-based or nettle (we avoid rubbing the head with a bunch of nettles in his garden, it does not work) that regulate the production of sebum and eliminate dandruff. Is not allowed to ask shampoo too long (2 minutes is enough) and choose express care.

In case of daily washings, to avoid the rise, we do place the product at the hairline, without going to the tips.

You wash your hair with lukewarm water because hot water increases the secretion of sebum. We finish the rinse with a jet of cold water, which closes the hair scales.Same with the hair dryer that is proscribed … or else, it is positioned on at least one intermediate temperature.

The little trick for mixed hair: ask only care about dry ends, not the roots grease advantage.


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