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Tips for oily skin

You have shiny skin, an unfortunate tendency to pimples and blackheads ? No doubt, you have the oily skin . Wanna say goodbye to excess sebum and their little annoyances? Follow our tips for oily skin in 3 steps.

Step 1: Clean up gently
If you have the oily skin , it is because your sebaceous glands produce excess sebum. To eliminate this excess fat, you must first clean your skin.
Essential gesture? Deep cleansing morning and evening using a suitable soap: soap surgras or base of essential oils cleansing.
You can also use gels cleaning fees, special oily ortends acne.’s trick? Spread gently lather, rinse with lukewarm water and end with a lotion specially adapted to refine your skin texture.
The thing more? Juice with parsley on a cotton as a lotion … A natural anti-seborrheic and cheap!

Step 2: Treat depth
Contrary to popular belief, oily skin also need to be hydrated! Applied after each cleaning fluid cream anti-seborrheic, which regulate the production of sebum, your skin assouplissera and protect against external aggressions.
The trick? Bright To mitigate the effect, choose it mattifying tinted version.

Step 3: Enhance your complexion
Complete your daily actions by a scrub followed by a soft mask Purifying clay and zinc oxide. Their purifying rid your skin of impurities while tightening your pores.Result: a refined skin texture and a radiant complexion! In use at least once a week.
The alternative? Two tablespoons of brewer’s yeast mixed with an egg yolk. Themask sanitizing perfect! To apply on the face 20 minutes before rinsing with warm water.
If you are not using the moisturizer tinted, you can apply your day cream onefoundation fluid, special oily . Your complexion will be unified, your skin protected and treated at the same time.

Bonus tips:
-To have beautiful skin, you must take care of your lifestyle: a sleeping repairman, a diet rich in fiber and vitamins , reducing stress … Cigarettes and more!
-Be careful to only buy antibacterial products, dermatologically tested and labeled “non-comedogenic”.


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