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Tips for wavy hair

Sometimes for a special occasion, or the approach of summer, we want to look a little less wise and decided to loops.There are various tricks for wavy hair.

Contrary to popular belief, it is very easy to get beautiful curls.A few simple steps can get the desired result.Having wavy hair is a breeze.The most important thing is to take good care to keep in shape.

Methods for curling hair

  • For wavy hair when they are naturally smooth, we need suitable products and quality. It is also best to seek advice from a professional salon or hair products. After washing your hair and have wiped well, it takes a few hazelnuts product, gel or mousse or cream and apply on the hair still wet.
  • Then, gently, being crumpled hair between your fingers to form ripples. It is best to let the hair dry in the open air, but if for some reason or another, you must use the hair dryer must avoid the heavy hand of the product allows for the wavy hair that curls harden.
  • For more pronounced undulations, you can use curlers and keep it overnight. Other methods are slightly more aggressive as a curling iron or hot rollers. If you choose one of these methods, do not forget to apply a prior thermo-active product protect hair from heat. But if the goal is to have wavy hair for several months, it is essential to get a perm haircut.

Some basic rules to keep in pretty curls

  • Firstly, it is essential to avoid brushing or detangle hair when it is dry, the curls are very fragile.Must be handled gently and avoid attacking with tight elastic strips or flatten them. It is essential to forget for a moment the blow drying and smoothing of course.
  • Having wavy hair is not enough, we must also take care. Do not skimp on styling mousses and always apply to damp hair. It is better to opt for shampoos and hair conditioners specific help keep the shape of the loops longer.
  • Once a week, it is advisable to apply a nourishing mask. If it is more natural methods for a good recipe for old grandmother has proved its worth: vegetable oil. We must apply any oil on the hair and then wrap it for a few hours with a hot towel or foil. This mask regenerates the hair fiber and gives a silky and shiny.

Tips for wavy hair

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