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Tips for healthy and beautiful nails

In today’s modern world where the craze and love for nail art is on peak, on the other hand you have to take a lot of care of your nails and hands to make them look beautiful all the time, although its not difficult but easy to keep your nails clean, trimmed and beautiful, just by using some of the tips!

Before you do anything, first make sure that your hands and nails are clean free from all kind of dirt, trimming your nails by the time they have increased in length and that is inappropriate and annoying for you, get them trimmed finely to make your hands appear clean and nice.

Avoid biting your nails, as it gives your hands a very unpleasant look. Keeping your nails clean and in appropriate length is must as they give your over all personality a look because hands with very long, dirty and irregular kinds of nail growth gives you a bad look therefore keeping your hands and nails clean and hygienic is the first thing you need to do, later then applying nail paints will even make your hands look prettier!!

Eating healthy is also essential for your nail’s health, milk products and foods having calcium and vitamin D will make your nails growth stronger.

have a look at some of these tips to make your nails look healthy and beautiful! 🙂


keeping your nails clean and dry is one of the most important aspect in making them healthy, if your nails are not dry, there might be a chance of acquiring some bacterial infection under your nails, there fore keeping them dry is also important.

Use some good anti bacterial hand wash.. Some of the dermatologists recommend applying soap to a toothbrush, then gently scrubbing your nails and skin. This will remove dirt and exfoliate any dead skin you have.


Long nails look good but along with the length you need to take care of its hygiene as well, so trimming your nails when they reach a length that is too high for you is good and gives your hand a nice a and clean look.

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If your cuticles are dry and torn, your manicure will look old, there fore keeping your hands and nails moisturize with some good oil or cream will give your hands and nails a healthy look.


take a lukewarm olive oil and dip your nails in it for about 15 to 20 minutes after that take a cotton ball dipped into a lime juice and massage gently your nails that will help the hardening of your nails and make them appear soft and radiant.

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You may also get your manicures and pedicures done at the parlors once a month to get them even better and properly treated, making your hands and feet appear more clean and beautiful.



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