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Tips on makeup like a model

Quality products, application and some tips are all you need for makeup like a model.Here are some guidelines to help you achieve this goal.

Eye makeup

  • Look animates the face, so it is important to take the time to strengthen this area when you want to wear makeup like a model. First look at the shape of your eyes. Are almond shaped or more rounded? Apart or together? These are the first questions to ask.
  • If your eyes are rather small, use a kohl pencil or eyeliner to draw a thin line on the edge of the upper lashes. Coat the eyelid of an eye colored to enlarge the area of ​​the eye. Then take a darker eyeshadow that blends with the color of your eyes: brown-purple, dark blue or brown warm brown eyes or hazel, gray or bluish gray purple to blue or gray eyes, green moss, earth Siena, ocher green eyes.
  • Eyes a little too large can be narrowed by applying this shade darker shadow over the entire eyelid. A bit of this shadow can be placed in the outer corners of the lower lashes of the eye.
  • Finish with the application of mascara fluid on the outer half of the eyelashes.

Lips and complexion

  • Smile like the look illuminate the entire face. Makeup like a model, take the time to outline the lips with a brush coated with a lipstick of a darker tone than its natural color. Complete within this area with a lipstick or brush.
  • If your skin is prone to dryness, choose a moisturizing foundation that you expand with a makeup sponge. However, if your skin is oily, a powder foundation compact-cream and not liquid will suit you better.

Tips on makeup like a model

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