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Tips for staying fit & healthy

We all must have heard the phrase “health is wealth” since our childhood.

Well the fact that good health is a real wealth because a person with a bad or poor health cannot really enjoy the wealth he has. Being healthy, is a real blessing and a healthy person can enjoy everything he wants.

Money cannot buy health and happiness therefore being healthy is way more important than being wealthy!!

Adding up few things to our daily routine and daily diet can keep us fit and healthy..Moreover if we live our lives according to the ways and teachings of Islam we can end up staying fit, healthy and active.

Here are few tips, hope you people will find them beneficial.


Offering a five times prayer is also one of the best exercises for us to stay fit as it involves all the body movement.


Waking up early in the morning and going out for a walk has a lot of health benefits, walking and breathing in the fresh oxygen keeps our mind and body fresh and active therefore improves our mood also.

Find reasons to walk at your home even!!


Developing a habit of exercising daily is also an important factor to stay fit and healthy, as it controls our weight, burn our extra calories, reduces stress and tension. Find some easy exercise that you may enjoy doing!


Drinking plenty of water daily and eating lots of vegetables and fruits in our daily diet will keep us fit and healthy.

Eating clean and right will keep us healthy, improve our skin and will give us more energy. Therefore saying NO to junk unhealthy and high sugar content foods is the best option to stay fit!

Get the right nutrients by cooking your own food so that you are sure about the ingredients and hygienic condition of the food you are consuming.


Developing a positive mental attitude is one of the most important thing in our lives as being a positive person keeps you happy and healthy.

Being a negative person all the time will definitely deteriorate your health and people will start avoiding you. Keep a positive attitude to stay happy, healthy and fit.

Therefore stay positive and think positive because your thoughts become your words!



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