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Toothbrush Change

Change the toothbrush belongs necessarily saying – firstly, to prevent excessive bacterial growth, to ensure as to the cleaning performance.

The numbers are frightening.Accordingly, any changes in the German course of a year just twice from his toothbrush.Minimum six brushes would annually.Whether out of laziness or rigor – this behavior can have fatal consequences, because bacteria and fungi love warm, moist air in the bathroom.Also lost an old brush some one in their cleaning power.Therefore it is said: Regularly change toothbrush!

One for all?
Still, many people believe that a toothbrush for all family members is completely sufficient.But this excessive austerity can have fatal consequences.Thus, for example, a caries disease transmitted from parents to children.Besides, a toothbrush always be adapted to the individual needs.

Studies have shown that the cleaning power of a toothbrush subsides after about three months.Even if you scuff marks can not always clearly visible, a toothbrush is a commodity that should be replaced regularly.Dentists recommend that you buy a new brush every two months.If you were, however, a cold or an acute inflammation have survived in the oral cavity must be immediately disposed of the old brush.Thorough disinfection is not sufficient to remove all bacteria.Using a so-called brush wear indicators can be displayed, different colors characterize the various stages of use.

Cleaning of the toothbrush
But a regular change is not sufficient to ensure the hygiene of its toothbrush.After each brushing teeth should be thoroughly ausgepült under hot running water to remove all food and toothpaste residue.You press the bristles apart, so the water can go anywhere.

Home remedies ineffective
There are many myths floating around cleaning, to ensure a thorough disinfection of the toothbrush.But neither boiling nor Mitwaschen in the dishwasher is an effective measure to the bacteria and germs under control.In the latter method, the brush even take damage, because it was not designed for the brutal purge.Although they may still may look the same again, she may have lost much of its cleaning power.

Hygiene tablets for the toothbrush
The more effective method are special hygiene tablets for the toothbrush.The tablets were placed in a glass of warm water, then put the toothbrush head first into this cleansing bath.Leave for ten minutes, the brush is removed and thoroughly rinsed under the tap.When the brush is very dirty, it should be cleaned frequently.
However, it is also cheaper.Ask. At the pharmacy for products containing the active ingredient chlorhexidine di-gluconateThis turnkey solution is poured into a glass, then left the toothbrush in it one night stand.Can change the toothbrush to clean replace it.

Toothbrush Change

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