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Toothpaste: Always adapt to the individual needs

Dental hygiene without toothpaste is hardly imaginable today, but in the selection of appropriate toothpaste good advice to be expensive.

Since the invention of the first tube cream in 1907 by pharmacist Ottomar of Meyenburg lot has developed in the field of cosmetic dentistry and dental hygiene.Today, healthy, white teeth belong to a cultivated appearance simply part and we are spoiled for choice in an exuberant range of toothpastes for different needs.To navigate in this oversupply, you should find out about the main components and functions of a good toothpaste.

The main ingredients
Every toothpaste contains the following three components: surfactants, abrasive materials and fluorides take the most important functions of a toothpaste.
Surfactants are foaming detergent active substances by means of which the ingredients of the cream can be better distributed in the oral cavity and dental plaque can be removed effectively.Abrasive materials, the solid abrasive particles, which are responsible for the abrasion stuck deposits.Here is the correct dosage is very important since too high abrasion attack tooth enamel and can cause damage later.
The third component of each toothpaste is fluoride.Store the curing element Flour in the melting one, thus increasing the resistance to caries-causing bacteria.
Other ingredients are to a large extent water and humectants make (20-40 percent each), and about 10 percent of so-called special ingredients, such as binders, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives.

Toothpastes for specific needs
The industry has, besides the ordinary toothpastes a variety of products for special needs in the field of dental hygiene.Thus we find, for example, special pastes for children, sensitive teeth, or mature teeth to protect the gums.Pastes for sensitive teeth, for example, a low dosage of abrasive substances and prevent access to the active substances with specific nerve and hence the nerve stimulation.It is recommended that you individually to check with their doctor if a special cream is necessary.
Children toothpastes have not only the advantage that they taste pleasant by the sweeter taste, but they also contain a slightly different combination of active ingredients, which is adapted to milk teeth, for example a lower fluoride dosage.
A specific case whitening toothpastes.Remove discoloration caused by, for example, red wine, coffee or nicotine effective than regular creams.For this reason, they have a very high proportion of abrasion materials, which may possibly damage the enamel sustainable.For this reason, they should not be used for daily care.For people with receding gums, it is recommended to completely abandon such a toothpaste since a strong abrasion can damage the softer dentine difficult.

Toothpaste: Always adapt to the individual needs

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