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Top 10 Healthy Tips For Your Healthy Teeth

Keeping your teeth healthy sounds simple. Brush twice a day and use dental floss twice a year to see a dentist. The problem is that you may need to know more. You know how much you know about keeping your teeth healthy.  As the saying goes, “toothache is not a disease, pain up to life.” Dentists pointed out that the teeth infected bacteria can invade the skin, violation of the respiratory tract, spread to the heart, brain, and even threaten your life.


For Healthy and white teeth you must follow these simple healthy tips:

You should maintain a good oral hygiene:

Brush your teeth after every meal. Its very important to brush your teeth after every meal. It will remove the excess particles of food from our mouth and thus they will not deposit on our teeth.

You Must Do Dental Teeth With Floss:

Floss is very important method to clean your teeth from inner side where the brush can’t reach normally. It removes the bacteria under the gum line and between the teeth.


You Must Use Mouthwash:

In addition to brushing and floss your teeth, you must wash your teeth with a hygienic mouthwash. Rinse your teeth with mouthwash for 10-15 minutes and rotate it around your gums, tongue and teeth.

You Should Limit the Intake Of Soft Drinks:

You should limit the intake of soft drinks and sweets and other biscuits and cakes.

You Should Protect Yours teeth with Healthy Diet:

The best drink for your teeth is water. In addition to water, green tea and black tea are also effective. But avoid soft drinks.

You Should Use Straw while Drinking:

While drinking soft drinks or alcohol, you can use straw, as it will minimize the direct contact of these sugar drinks with your teeth and hence it will not harm them.

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You Should Chew Xylitol:

Chewing gum which contains xylitol is a best way to remove sugar particles and bacteria from your mouth, and hence it avoid teeth decay.

You Should Rinse with Oil:

Coconut oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil can be used to rinse your mouth and gargle with oil for 10-15 minutes.

You Should Consult A Dentist:

Consult your dentist regularly for a healthy teeth life. No one better knows about your teeth life than a dentist. So regularly check your teeth and enjoy a healthy life.

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