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Top 10 Most Common Health Issues Due To Stress

“A healthy body has a healthy mind.” Health means an active physical, mental& social state of body without any disease. Health is the most important in everyone’s life. A diseased person can never do a good job and can’t lead in his life. One should have to live healthy life to make it happier and full of liveliness. A physically healthy person can work well in his community, a healthy mind can think innovative ideas to workout and a socially healthy person can make good social relations with his family, friends and other people in his social group.

Health care is basic & primary requirement of the body. Health care includes your healthy diet, your proper routine checkups, treatments, diagnosis, prevention of diseases & improvement of your body.

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Stress is the body’s way of responding to any action, any incident or any threat. When a person feels threatened, his nervous system responds to him by releasing stress hormones called adrenaline and cortisol. Release of these hormones compels your body to take action in emergency. Stress is a feeling of emotional and mental pressure. A person in stress can never live and enjoy  a healthy life.


Stress causes many health problems to our body. It is more dangerous than any poison. The most common health problems which arises due to stress are discussed here.

1) Heart Diseases: 

Stress directly affects your heart activity. It increases blood flow and heart rate which results in high blood pressure and sometimes heart attack also.

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2) Premature Death:

People who are under great deal of stress had 63% higher rate of  death than people with low level of stress.

3) Diabetes:

Stress affects on diabetic patients in two ways. First it will worsen their behavior of eating and drinking and secondly, it increases the glucose level in type 2 diabetes.

4) Headaches:

Stress creates severe headaches and sometimes migraine also.

5) Depression & Anxiety:

Stress results finally in depression and anxiety. People with stress of more work and few rewards tends to have more chances of depression than the people with low stress.


6) Obesity:

Excess fat in your body especially on belly areas causes to release more cortisol hormone which increases more cholesterol level.

7) Alzheimer’s Diseases:

Stress worsen the Alzheimer’s diseases. Researches shows that with low stress the potential of progressing this diseases slows down.

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8) Asthma:

Stress raises the rate of asthma in young generation. Smoking in pregnancy results asthma problems in their children.

9) Gastro-intestinal Problems:

Stress creates severe GI problems including chronic heart burn and bowel syndrome.

10) Accelerated Aging:

Stress directly affects your age. People with high stress tends to accelerate aging 9 to 17 additional years.

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