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Top 10mehndi designs from Mehndi Designs Book

Are you searching for some mehndi designs book? Well there are majority of women who make the choice of grabbing with the mehndi design books so that they can get better idea that what kind of designs would be best for the wedding occasions and religious festivities. As we all know that mehndi designs are known out to be one of the most famous and popular form of artwork that is gaining the heights of fame and attention all over the world. Brides and women simply looking out applying mehndi designs for beautifying their hands and feet! Although there are various kinds of mehndi designs that ranges from the simple ones and ends on the ordinary simple designs. There are three main types of mehndi designs adding with Indian mehndi designs, the Pakistani mehndi designs and the Arabic mehndi designs. You can find mehndi henna in different color shades such as brown, dark green, black and the popular reddish orange.

How To Apply Mehndi Designs By Mehndi Designs Book?

If you are searching for mehndi designs that are simple and at the same time eye catching then you can take best help from the mehndi designs book. By the way of these books you can take much help for selecting the mehndi designs. If you are a beginner in mehndi designing then this book will going to come up as the biggest treasure for yourself. Before you plan out choosing with the mehndi designs you have to make sure that you have extracted first quality of mehndi. You can even prepare your own heena as well that can be just made possible by grinding the heena leaves in thick paste form. You can even purchase ready-made henna from a store near you.

Inside the mehndi designs book you will even be finding some of the basic guidelines for the application of mehndi designs. If you want mehndi color to be darker and brighter in looks then you can even make the choice of adding coffee powder, ground tea leaves and sugar. You can even add it up with the means of lemon juice that will let the henna paste to hang about fresh in support of longer time period. In order to get excellent results in terms of color you should allow the mehndi designs to stay back on the hands and feet for about 24 hours. We have often seen that the mehndi designs on hands are quite intricate and complicate in the designing as compare to mehndi designs applied on rest of the body parts.

So all the women out there don’t miss out taking the help of mehndi designs book for choosing beautiful and amazing looking mehndi designs!

Top 10 mehndi designs from Mehndi Designs Book

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