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Top Online Shopping Trend for Ladies Dresses in Pakistan

All females irrespective of their age; young, middle aged or old like to dress up as it gives them a confidence boost and they like looking presentable at all times. We have managed to get hold of some great aspects of how and what typical female shopper looks for while making the purchase. Amongst the most popular shopping trend was of course the purchase of clothing and apparel. Below is a list of clothing preferences these ladies prefer the following

Online shopping vs. Offline shopping

Traditionally there was only one way to shop; through the brick and mortar stores (offline shopping). Ladies used to spend hours in the markets throughout Pakistan looking for pants to match their shirt and vice versa. They were also subject to lack of variety and price exploitation by local retailers as their shopping was confined to a specific areas. With the invention of online shopping all of this changed. Ladies could be doing any other chore like be at work, waiting for their children in the car or even just sitting at home relaxing and shop simultaneously. They were freed from the crutches of price hikes and can shop for anything from baby clothes to home linen. Considering all these advantages online shopping is definitely picking up in not only first world countries but also growing economies.

Eastern clothing vs. Western clothing

Working women in urban areas and young girls like the convenience of western wear. As there is no need to iron jeans and shirts or tights. Western wear is also readily available in market and you need not get it custom made as is the case with eastern wear which takes a minimum of a week to stitch only. However even after its convenience, ladies prefer wearing eastern clothing in Pakistan. In Pakistan a majority of women wear the national dress popularly known as the shalwar kameez. Western clothing, though easier to handle and purchase, is still considered too modern in rural areas.

Short shirts vs. Long shirts

Women’s eastern wear fashion runs in two cycles. After every three to four years the length of the traditional shalwar kameez changes. From extremely short shirts length of 32 inches or less to extremely long length of 50 inches and more. The short shirt is usually kept fitted, pairing it with loose pants, palazzo pants and/or loose shalwar. Whereas the long shirt is stitched loose in A-line fitting or panels, these shirts are paired with tights, or fitted pants which barely show through the long shirt. These days the trend has recently shifted from long shirts to short ones, making shorts more popular in both lawn and linen in Pakistan.

You can find latest ladies dresses trends and more on Pakistani fashion blogs and if you end up making your mind on making an online purchase then you can do so online as well. There are several online shopping websites in Pakistan like Kaymu.pk and BnBAcessories which offer latest designs of ladies dresses from renowned fashion designers in the country. Ladies dresses at Kaymu is currently being showcased from most popular brands and designers. Simply browse through their ladies apparel section to find the best deals online with free shipping and cash on delivery.


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