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Top Pakistani Actresses Join Hands Against Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is mostly occurs in females. Its a malignant tumor in the milk ducts also called ductal carcinoma that can be spread other parts of the body. Breast cancer is the basic type of invasive cancer mostly in females over the world. About 18.2 % of cancer deaths are mostly due to breast cancer both in males and females.

According to experts, the rate of breast cancer in females in developed countries is much higher than in the females of developing nation. The reason behind this is that the living expectancy of females in developed countries is more than in developing one. The females with more age have more chances of breast cancer. The females in developed countries live more because they have better living standard and good and healthy diet so they live more and in result have more chances of breast cancer.

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The month of October is the breast cancer awareness month, worldwide campaigns give awareness and knowledge about breast cancer. In these campaigns, people involved in boosting awareness and also gathering funds for treatment of breast cancer patients. In Pakistan, Shaukat Khanam Memorial Cancer Hospital also moved a campaign against Breast Cancer Awareness. The women under 40 should go for self-examination and more than 40 years should go for mammography once in a year.

The dominant and famous actresses (Mahira Khan, Maya Ali, Ayesha Khan & Sana Mir) join their hands with Shaukat Khanam in breast cancer awareness campaign. These top actresses are nominated as Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Ambassadors for 2016 by  Shaukat Khanam Memorial Cancer Hospital.

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