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Trace elements deficiencies and source

About ninety-nine percent of the mass of the human body consists of eleven macronutrients such as carbon or oxygen in particular.The remaining one percent consists of thirteen trace elements such as iodine or fluorine among the best known.

Micronutrients are trace in the human body.It is therefore important to determine their contributions and their indispensability.







Needs and contributions of trace elements

They are mostly from food.If we focus on the case of iodine, it may be responsible for endemic goiter (enlarged thyroid gland), a disease affecting mostly women and children.The daily intake of iodine recommended by WHO are for: children 0-12 years 50 to 120 micrograms, 150 micrograms adolescents and adults, pregnant and lactating women 200 micrograms.Iodine intake is primarily foodborne navy.From 70 to 80 micrograms of iodine per day are made via the power supply.We speak of severely iodine deficient when daily intake is less than 25 micrograms, moderate between 25 and 50 micrograms, low between 50 and 150 micrograms.In the general case, we often speak of micronutrient deficiency and excess rarely.


How trace elements are essential if the human being?

They are essential for the proper functioning of our body.In the case of iodine, it is a component of the thyroid hormones produced by the thyroid.These hormones are involved in the growth of our tissues, including the brain.In fact, they come in varying degrees of maturity according to their iodine content.For example, the fetus needs thyroid hormone for proper brain development.It is totally dependent on maternal iodine otherwise it could be suffering from cretinism, extreme stage of deficiency of this trace element, responsible for malfunctions of the brain and other consequences.Through the example of iodine, showed the need for trace elements in the body.Could be interested in the iron enters into the constitution of the hemoglobin (red blood cell).

Trace elements deficiencies and source

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