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Traditional Khussa Styles For Mehndi Bridals 2016

Khussa or Mojari is handmade shoes, which are made in Northern India and Pakistan. Basically Khussa made of vegetable-tanned leather. The top layer is made Khussa one piece of leather, decorated with copper nails, mirrors, ceramic beads, shells, bells, beautiful colorful stones and motifs. Khussa  shoes is a traditional culture of some cities in Pakistan.

Khussa comfortable shoes and exist in different types of Khussa, stylish designs and colors available in the market. Khussa made in Multan in the ground and some cities of Punjab in Pakistan, it’s flat shoes casual and not the left and right direction. Basically, ladies, Khussa be worn for a variety of functions or ocasions like Mendi, different parties or other festivals Like Eid. Many people love to wear Khussa along with Sherwani, CHORI DAR pajamas, kurta pajamas or ghararas.

Mehndi Bridals of Pakistan and India wear traditional designs of khussas on their mehndi occasion. They are available in large variety and different bright full colors with unique artwork. Khussas made in Punjab are famous all over the Asia and loved by every women.

According to fashion, it has the latest range of fashionable Khussa collection for girls and women. Khussa long shoes that are made of the skin (leather) with gold and silver embroidery thread work.

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