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Treatments against acne

Types and Causes

Acne affects many people of all ages. There are several types of acne ranging from mild to very severe.There are approximately 50 forms of acne. The type of acne is the most common ordinary (light). It is estimated that 80% of people can suffer from acne for a period of their lives. There are also several causes.The causes are usually bacteria, genetics, hormones and clogged pores.

The appearance of a button

Normally, a button appears when excess sebum, combined with an accumulation of dead skin cells clog the pore skin. We then see a comedo appear either or button.

Internal and external treatments

There are two types of treatment: internal processes and external treatments. Internal treatments prescribed by a dermatologist if acne is more severe. These are drugs administered orally (Acutane, antibiotics, someoral contraceptives, etc.).. External treatments are cosmetic and are applied directly to the skin. There are two types of external treatments: counter and by prescription.

If your acne is severe or the counter treatments do not work, consult a dermatologist. He can see if your case requires treatment prescribed external or internal processing. In this article, I will speak only of the most popular cosmetic treatments prescription for mild to moderate acne.


First, know that it is useless to strive to spend all your money in cosmetic miracles. There are not millions ofactive ingredients effective counter acne. Once you’ve tried a few different products and that does not work, others will not be better. Consult a dermatologist. Also note that it is not because a product works well on someone else the results will be the same on you. Each person reacts differently to treatment. One last point to know is that advertising system against acne cosmetics that show pictures “before / after” select candidates whose results are most impressive. This is why we still see small part at the bottom “results may vary”. This does not mean that you will not get results, but you never expect a miracle. In cosmetics, miracles do not exist.

Active ingredients Popular

The two active ingredients most commonly found in treatments against acne are salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. You can also see glycolic acid, retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids (fruit acids), various antibacterial agents, alcohol, zinc, sulfur, extract of tea tree, etc..

Popular products containing salicylic acid *

Murad Acne Complex




Roc Purif-AC


Avon Clearskin


Clinique Acne Solutions


Popular Products containing benzoyl peroxide *


Popular companies that offer both *


Clean & Clear


When you apply a topical treatment for acne, apply over the entire affected area and not only buttons visible (unless the product is intended for use only localized to the buttons). It should also be patient because the results are an average of 6 to 8 weeks before being seen. It may also be that you need to continue treatment to maintain. Some products are very irritating as benzoyl peroxide. It is best to start gradually leave the skin get used and not too much aggression.


To hide the unwanted (pimples, scars or blackheads), there will always makeup. Opt for oil-free products not to aggravate acne.

* The list is not exhaustive

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