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Tutorial Nails Nail Art Pure Gold

Today we have in our first post of the day a tutorial prepared by Aleksandro Machado and Rafaela Menezes.
To make it simple, you will need a piece of masking tape, scissors, two nail polishes of your choice (in the case of this tutorial we use the matte black + gold), a stir if you feel the need of help.

Tutorial Nails ,Nail Art ,Pure Gold
Step 1: Make your nails as usual and apply the matte enamel underneath. The suggested color was matte black, plus you can use it with brightness;

Tutorial Nails, Nail Art ,Pure Gold
Step 2: Cut strips of masking tape very thin (preferably 2 mm), followed in apply on your nails (if you feel the need to use the toothpick to secure the corners).

Tutorial Nails, Nail Art, Pure Gold
Step 3: After applying masking tape on your nails, apply a layer (only one), and a generous enamel and remove the peel then (careful not to excesses because the enamel can esborrar after tape is removed). If this photo were painted all nails to be removed after the pieces of tape, but gets better as soon as the nail is painted the tape is removed.

Tutorial Nails, Nail Art ,Pure Gold
Important tips to follow:
Make sure that the small pieces of masking tape are firmly secured to nail because if there is not adhered spaces enamel esborrará below it.
Apply the glaze over with the nail strips in a single layer (if you believe the color was weak, put a generous layer as well), and do not blow OR WAIT AND DRY, because if that happens when you pull the masking tape will come around enamel together.

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