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Urban Decay 24/7 vs. Kohl vs. Bourjois Waterproof. Bourjois Khol & Contour vs. MAC Eye Kohl Smolder

When I wrote about my favorite pencils both eye and lip, the Fetelespun.ro Lili asked me if I could make a comparison between pencils Bourjois Kohl and MAC Eye Kohl Waterproof, but I took things a little further and I included the Urban Decay 24/7 and normally kohl pencil from Bourjois for a broader comparison. If you are fans of black eye pencils, read on;)

This is how, side by side:

And here are the swatches:

Probably I will say will sound strange, but it seems to me that there are just all black. MAC Smolder seems most intense and, as you see in the picture below, is also the most durable. Urban Decay seems the most creamy elapsed, the tip is soft and is very close Bourjois Waterproof Urban Decay pencil texture. Bourjois Kohl & Contour is the rigid hand of the 4 pencils tested.

TIP: Keep your favorite pen tip over a lighter flame for 10 seconds and you will soften mine. Wait a few seconds to cool and then use it. This trick will make any eyeliner in onewaterproof and you will be able to use the waterline without worrying that it will hurt the eye! ;)

This is how hands after I washed with soap and water – Urban Decay and Bourjois Waterproof been removed completely, is seeing a trace vague pencil Bourjois Kohl & Contour, while pencil MAC has spread not lost too much intensity:

After that, I cleaned and hand cleanser Smolder is still visible on the skin:

In terms of makeup wearing them everyday or evening makeup, I can say that Urban Decay apply very pleasant on waterline, but lies slightly below eye after hours of wear and heat. I like to use it as a base for eyelids when doing smokey and smudged makeup and always apply a eyeshadow on top to secure it. In this combination, hold magnificent! And because it is so creamy, I find the most “polished” after you apply, reflect light very easily and therefore probably does not seem as dark as the others.

I wore Bourjois Waterproof lasted all last summer and well, contrary to the fact that now deleted immediately with water and soap. I think it has to do with your time to cleansing – for this post I deleted 20 minutes, while the end of the day I bother to wipe it completely with cleanser. It is very creamy and applies so easily. Has one flaw though: a few hours after applying the waterline still not as uniform, I feel that they wipe. There is something serious that black line is still very visible, but still feel the need to retouch it.

Bourjois Kohl & Contour is a little stiffer version and resistant to water Bourjois Waterproof pen, but it is a good product. However, you see that the washing with soap and water, the remaining bit. Although it is a good pen, I avoid using it too often because of mine, I always patience or time to soak it lighter so choose another pencil. I find it faster.

MAC Smolder is the one I use most often for waterline and tightlining. I like it goes through the genes underlying them, and then spread it with a brush-pen to create the effect of genes more frequent and last well all day. The waterline feel the need to retouch it after several hours, but I do it because I like to see that perfect black stripe. He lasted very well and the makeup day and evening makeup and I find the black of the above. Perhaps that is important and that has a matte texture and then find the most intense of all black pencil but for me is ideal.

Hint: I was in a MAC store in Baneasa day and I heard one of the makeup artists talking about Feline pencil and said that is more intense than Smolder. I saw the swatch on his hand and looks very nice indeed and very black :) I think after I finish pencils that I have now, I will try and MAC Kohl Power in Feline shade.

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