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Waterproof makeup – Usage Tips

Waterproof makeup, high demand for swimming, the lengths of the swimming pools, the heat does not flow, is really good, no surprises.However, it is not always used, opinions were divided as to its effectiveness, but also its price.

Why waterproof makeup he resists water?

  • Waterproof makeup is made on the basis of fat that can slide over the water. Thus, the eyeliner is very convenient, it does not come off easily. When to use eyeshadow, it must be used very quickly, fast drying, and freezing. The water flows over, but the work, spread, it will be much more difficult. Reviews about this makeup are shared, because of its convenience.
  • In a particular use, waterproof makeup makeup seems ideal. Teenagers are opting for it.Waterproof makeup includes the same items as those typically found.

The application of waterproof makeup

  • Lipstick may seem dry to some people. In order to continue to put a water-based gloss can be applied on top. It will give flexibility to the lips.
  • To apply waterproof mascara, just from the base of the lashes, gently up towards the end, while a movement from right to left, for a more uniform application. Nuts foundation can be laid on the forehead, sides of the nose, chin or cheekbones to be then stretched outward face.
  • Waterproof makeup always gives a very natural effect. On the eyeshadow, it must be applied with a pencil or finger, it is irrelevant. In contrast, when a gradient, it is advisable to start with the light color, ending with the darkest on the end of the eye.
  • Waterproof makeup offers a perfect fit, a natural flawless. When removing makeup, cleansing oil is ideal, not any makeup remover, which can not be removed. Some brands are recommended when purchasing it.

Waterproof makeup - Usage Tips


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