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Wedding makeup trends 2013

Be on the lookout Bride to Be 2013, next year’s trends are beginning to emerge! On all points ( 2013 wedding dresses , decoration, bridal veils 2013 , color …), each year brings its special touch and its share of trends. Here are some makeup inspiration for all brides in the coming year! Featured among the unbeatable bridal makeup, the nude makeup is THE classic chosen by the vast majority of bride to be. And rightly so! Principle? Enhance your natural delicacy while. This makeup is ideal for all those who rarely wear makeup every day and do not want radical change of mind on the day J. But beware, natural does not neglect! The key to successful makeup nude: a unified complexion net. For this, we turn to tinted creams for example, that of Nars or Laura Mercier cult), or to a BB cream , perfect to unify skin texture with transparency. A foundation, greater coverage, however, will be necessary in case of imperfections more pronounced. A touch of blush on the apples of cheeks, a hint of tinted lip balm (see for example the famous Lip Butter by Revlon), a hint of mascara and voila!

Charlize Theron inspires us for a bridal makeup nude and bright! - (C) All for my wedding

Charlize Theron inspires us for a bridal makeup nude and bright! – (C) All for my wedding

As we told you some time ago, the retro has not said its last word is still needed as a strong trend in the coming year. Feel like the icons of the 50s? The line of eyeliner is necessary for a wildly romantic doe eyes! Golden rule to avoid cliché pin up: If you are the eyes, stay sober on the lip makeup.

For a bride retro, eyeliner is a must! - (C) Marriage and Babillages

For a bride retro, eyeliner is a must! – (C) Marriage and Babillages

In the same logic, supported lips makeup require a light hand on the rest of the face. Yet what could be more beautiful than a sparkling mouth and well designed? Key color on the lips is the honor in 2013: one dares stand for a clear result pepsy! You remember to moisturize lips before the day, to avoid that the red marks and small dead skin file in the crevices. A good address? Mac Cosmetics, the lipsticks easily take all day. Held insured against the kisses!

Mouth sparkling color for a bride! - (C) Austie via Etsy

Mouth sparkling color for a bride! – (C) Austie via Etsy


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