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What are defense mechanisms and how they affect your mood?

Surely you have heard many times about the defense mechanisms … but do you really know what they mean and the role?

Nsa defe mechanisms, according to many theories, are the ways in which we defend ourselves, away from our lives and our   everything unpleasant awareness and negative.

Most defense mechanisms are unconscious, that means most of us do not realize we’re using them.

What are defense mechanisms and how they affect your mood?

What are the main defensive mechanisms?

Defense mechanisms allow us to maintain a balance, and that the ends are not recommended. Using them will bring disadvantages too, and not to use them, too.

Given the descriptions below give you, you will see the defense mechanisms and ask what you use often, and if it is good for you to do or not.


1. Denial

Denial is when you refuse to accept reality and act as if a painful event, thought or feeling did not exist. It is considered one of the most primitive defense mechanisms, used often by young children. Often, many people use denial to avoid facing a painful reality do not know how to take. Do you recognize this defensive mechanism in you?


Two. Regression

Regression is returning to previous stages to uncomfortable or painful circumstances, you do not know how to cope in the present. It’s hard to take when you’re an adult, but if you think about it, you probably recognize in your daily life, many regressive attitudes thought were characteristic of earlier stages.

Three. Performance 

This defense mechanism refers to the inability to express feelings and thoughts through the word, therefore, must act. For example, instead of expressing what you feel or what bothers you about a certain situation, you act, you get angry, scream, cry, flutter kicking … but you could not explain it in words.

June. Projection

Probably yes clearly recognize this defense mechanism as it is used daily by many people. You never feel that you attribute your feelings to others, avoiding taking charge of your own conflicts? The projection is used primarily when you consider your thoughts unacceptable and impossible to express. The projection is often the result of a lack of understanding and recognition of your real motivations and feelings.

July. Reaction formation

It is the reaction that converts unwanted or painful thoughts, into its opposite, or vice versa. For example, you get angry at your partner for something he did, and would like to face and tell him how you feel. But, you feel unable to do so and you show to him kind, caring and patient … avoiding demonstrate how you really feel.

August. Repression

Repression is the blocking of your unconscious thoughts and unacceptable. The key of repression is that you do unconsciously, so you will often have very little control over it.
10. Intellectualization

It is the excessive emphasis on thought. Instead of dealing with painful emotions, you can use the intellectualization to distance your feelings, “thinking” too.


Which do you most identify?, In what situations do you think helps you use?, Which ones do not?


It is always important for your personal growth you know, with your strengths and weaknesses. Accept yourself as you are is the first step to change what you do not like … Do not forget!

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