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What can you do about pimples on your face?

What can you do about pimples on your face? This is certainly a frequently asked question. To answer this question, one must first clarify the cause of pimples and keep your hands off.

Pimples are not the same as pimples and therefore is always an individual treatment necessary.If you suffer from a hormonal disorder or acne, you should consult a dermatologist.To the question “What can be done for pimples on my face?” Clarify, you must first try to pay attention to a few basic things in order to make pimples not even arise.

Stay away from your face

  • A major cause of the pathogenesis of acne vulgaris is that constant touch on the face. No wonder that pimples and blemishes occur when one considers that the hands are constantly exposed to dirt and bacteria. So try to pay attention to it in the future and to be avoided.
  • The second rule is that you do not press pimples may have arisen. This is difficult and often nearly impossible. But not always the result of a depressed Pickels is better than before.There is often inflammation and smear infection. That means you can from a small yellow bumps a red spot can be covered with the scab on your face, from the permanent scarring can be. Let the Grind always alone until he loosens itself to avoid holes and scars. What you can still do about pimples on your face?

Too much cleaning is bad for your skin

  • “Lots of cream is good for the skin”, this statement is incorrect, but firmly rooted in the minds of many people. Too much cleansing creams and destroy the natural skin barrier and make you more susceptible to pimples. May arise as a perioral dermatitis (mouth Rose), which ensures that the skin creams around the mouth caused by too much is full of pimples. The only help here is the omission of Cleansing gels, creams, tonics and makeup. Often, the dermatologist prescribed in severe cases, a local antibiotic to allow decay inflammation.
  • Initially, your skin will stretch due to the waiver of cream yet, but soon they get used to it. The skin renews itself about every 28 days, so do not be equally impatient when you see after two days of no results. Maybe the question is “What can you do about pimples on your face?” Done for you in the future.

What can you do about pimples on your face?

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