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What color lipstick is for me?

Choosing the perfect shade of red to her lips can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you.



The first thing to look at is the clothing that you wear. He is not here to coordinate exactly the same tone every time, but see if your clothes are warm colors (red, orange, earth tones, beige, yellow, etc..) Or cold (blue , purple, pink, white, etc..). So you can stay in the same category for your lipstick to lips.


Thin lips

Avoid dark colors. Prefer natural hues and bright with nacre (pearl finish, pearl, metallic or frosted) to give an illusion of volume.

Suggestions: beige, peach, light pink, light bronze.


Voluminous lips

You can enable a variety of colors, as darker than pale, if you want to put this asset value, but favor matte or cream and avoid overly bright colors if you do not want to give them more scope because too that’s not enough …

Suggestions: Bordeaux, brown, copper, pink.


Wrinkled lips

If you have fine lines around the mouth, avoid colors that are too dark or too bright, because if they leak intofine lines, it will appear to advantage.

Suggestions: Beige, coral, pink, neutral.



If you have a porcelain complexion and light hair, certain colors can highlight and give you more shine.Choose more natural tones such as pink.

Suggestions: Beige, pink, peach.


Medium complexion

This type of skin is very versatile, so you can choose a multitude of colors. If your hair is dark, opt for vibrant hues and bright.

Suggestions: Red, pink, copper, brown, burgundy.


Dark complexion

Some colors will have no effect if you have a very dark complexion. It will therefore go with very dark tones that have many pigments. Some brands have more pigment in their formulas. This is the case for niche brands dyed ethnic or professional brands (MAC, Make-Up Forever, Nacara, Fashion Fair, Iman, Black’Up, etc.).. If you want a natural look, a beautiful transparent gloss will give just the right amount of sparkle or earth tones pearl, pearl or frosted which will give light to your lips.

Suggestions: red, burgundy, orange, copper, coral, dark brown.



If you have a lot of rosacea (or rosacea), avoid red, orange or pink. If you really want to wear one of these colors, use a good foundation covering and voila!


Yellow teeth

Colors to avoid when you have very yellow teeth are purple and plum variants.

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