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What haircut for a long face?

You have a long face? Each face morphology correspond hairstyles to highlight the features and balance your face. Discover all our tips for choosing your new haircut without missteps and find a hairstyle tailored!

Recognize an elongated face

It looks like an oval face but longer and narrower. In fact, it is rather narrow and very long, with a fairly thin chin and a rather large forehead. Very feminine, elongated face often has fine lines and graceful.

The perfect haircut for a long face

Elongated faceThe goal of your hair is to forget the length of your face by balancing the volumes. The best choice is a cut neither too short nor too long otherwise lengthen your face again. The ideal is to broaden the face with volume on the sides. You can, for example, opt for a mid-or long hair cut at the maxillary étofferont the lower part of the face. A layered cut, soft and fuzzy you would also look great. In addition, large strands can also break the slender appearance of the face. The watchwords are: fringe, length and volume!

Mistakes to avoid

It is best to avoid long hair, straight, falling along with facial hair in the middle because they weigh down a face elongated. Remember also short, which would forward the length of the face and do not bet on cuts too structured.

Stiff, curly, wavy, how to choose?

No matter, as long as there is volume.

With a long face, can we make a fringe?

Your face is feminine and perfect for fringes, preferably low. You can also take a bit sweeping the face. One or the other dressed nicely and the front can shrink the stretched face.

What hairstyle for a long face?

With a long face, most of the hairstyles can be worn with grace.

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