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What haircut for a round face?

You have a round face? Each face morphology correspond hairstyles to highlight the features and balance your face. Discover all our tips for choosing your new haircut without missteps and find a hairstyle tailored!

Recognize a round face

The round face is characterized by a distance approximately equal to the chin to top of forehead and one side to the other at the cheekbones. It differs from square faces by its roundness and absence of sharp features in the jaw and forehead. This form tends to be wider at the cheeks, with nice fleshy cheeks give an angelic and childlike. This face shape, which is naturally soft and comfortable, easily accepts different haircuts.

The perfect haircut for a round face

Round faceThe goal is to lengthen the face up to this, providing more scope cuts on top of the head on the sides are good choices. An asymmetrical cut or diagonally also creates an illusion of length. The ideal is to have long hair or medium length, always to lengthen the face. If you do not like long, you can choose a short cut if it offers good volume.Large detached roots movements that generate up front also lends itself incredibly well to round faces.

The round can withstand a lot of things in general, the important thing is that there is volume, the gradient of the movement … in fact!

Mistakes to avoid

Forget flat hair that fall along the face, they increase the round side and childish. Also, hair balls, bowl cuts in the short square above the jaw or parted in the middle are not absolutely not worth a round face. To avoid above all: the right hair cut with bangs and thick horizontal unless find a style “Chinese Baby”.

Stiff, curly, wavy, how to choose?

Curly hair is well suited to this kind of face because they can frame the face with volume and movement thus reduce the roundness. You can also wear your hair straight or wavy, but still with a good amount of volume.

With a round face, can we make a fringe?

Yes, but not horizontal. Must be curved fringe or asymmetrical to avoid accentuating the width of the face.

What hairstyle for a round face

People with a round face will be able to play according to their tastes and desires. Face completely cleared or not, from hairstyles large or … There is not forbidden, it is as you want!

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