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What haircut for a square face?

You have a square face? Each face morphology correspond hairstyles to highlight the features and balance your face. Discover all our tips for choosing your new haircut without missteps and find a hairstyle tailored!

Recognize a square face

With a front and a wide jaw line and pronounced square face represents, by its shape rather “hard” power. The eyebrows, cheekbones and jawbone are nearly the same width, forming a horizontal well defined. The width of the face is more than 2/3 of the length, creating an impression of square. It may appear more rectangular it is narrow.

The perfect haircut for a square face

The disadvantage of a square face is his strong jaw that can give a masculine appearance to the face. It is therefore preferable to soften with a suitable hairstyle.

If the side “square face” is assumed, all hairstyles can agree, even those showing the maxillary as is the case for cutting Louise Brooks (photo cons).

However, professionals advise to those who do not wish to highlight the structure of their square face, a longer cut to soften the blow.

It opts for a minimum length under the chin or longer, preferably without volume on the sides. The fact inflate the overhead adds some height and thus a flatter square face. We also note that choosing a hairstyle soft and fuzzy, or invasive, hiding part of the face is a good solution. One can for example add a fringe at the front, and soft curves around the jaw to soften the “corners” of the square. Finally, offset or asymmetrical stripes lend themselves very well to a square face.

Mistakes to avoid

It is better to avoid blunt cut as well as horizontal lines. The ponytail and hair too short accentuate lines and “masculinize”. To avoid so unless we seek an androgynous look.

Stiff, curly, wavy, how to choose?

The ideal is to let the hair move naturally or make minor undulations to break the effect too square.

With a square face, can we make a fringe?

The fringe is to adopt. Asymmetric or swept preferably it softened the face.

What hairstyle for a square face?

Whatever hairstyle you choose, it is advisable to drop a few strands on the sides of the face, always in order to soften pronounced jaw.

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