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What haircut for an oval face?

You have an oval face? Each face morphology correspond hairstyles to highlight the features and balance your face. Discover all our tips for choosing your new haircut without missteps and find a hairstyle tailored!

Recognize an oval face

The oval face is generally considered ideal. Slightly wider at the cheekbones, it is characterized by a front nor too big, not too small and thin jaw and discreet. Face width is about half of its length.This face shape is the ideal shape because it is perfectly balanced in both length and width.

The perfect haircut for oval face

Oval faceYou can estimate very lucky as oval faces can afford many things!Indeed, all hairstyles suit you. From long to short, through the gradient or the square structured … it’s like you want, depending on your tastes and desires! All these hairstyles you put to your advantage and frame your face smoothly.

Mistakes to avoid

Note, it is best to avoid very short cuts. They would break the softness and smoothness of your face, which would be a shame!

Stiff, curly, wavy, how to choose?

Again, all styles suit you. A good reason to stick to your hair type and ignore other straighteners or curlers that dry and burn the hair, making it brittle spikes. Emma Guerri, Trainer Saint Algae, visagism specialist, recommends “to use styling tools at least once every two days, provided to protect your hair before using specific products and avoid brushing accumulate iron or straightener + Tongs “.

With an oval face, can you do a fringe?

It would be a shame to hide a pretty face shape behind a fringe or other bits. However, you can adopt the look trendy fringe if it is not too thick.

What hairstyle for an oval face?

An oval face adopts in principle all kinds of styles with happiness. Try to keep your hair back from the face as possible. The smoothness of your lines you can raise your hair by releasing the neck with buns or ponytails tall, very feminine.

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