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What is henna?Now everything about henna & mehndi designs

Frequently Asked Questions on the case body painting Henna Earth.

Q: How long does a design on the skin?

R: Designs last from one to three weeks in the skin, depending on your body temperature, skin type, body chemistry, lifestyle and where you apply the henna. The average person gets a stain that lasts 10 days to two weeks.

Q: How long does the pasta?

A: The paste lasts four weeks in the bottle once mesclada, if you keep the refrigerator.Before mixing, the powder of henna stays up to two years if kept in a cool place away from light and moisture.

Q: Can be painted with henna eyebrows?

A: The henna can be applied in the brows, but you will end with red eyebrows! The stain color you get with natural henna is a bright reddish brown.

Q: Can you dye your lips with it?

A: No. The lip skin does not absorb the henna at all.

Q: Can you apply it in the belly of a pregnant woman?

A: Yes This is absolutely secure.

Q: Can you dye your hair with it?

A: Yes Henna that we use is the same as the henna powder that is used to color the hair.However, if you plan to dye your hair with it, mix it with plain water. The solution that comes in our kit is specially blended for use on skin.

Q: How do you remove?

A: A henna design can not be removed just like that. The stain fades gradually over the skin exfoliaje. The time varies according to each person. If you want it to fade faster, rub it with soap and water. However, there is no immediate solution.

Q: Have you ever been permanent?

A: No. Henna is a temporary skin dye. Always gradually fades.

Q: What’s the solution?

A: Our ingredients are listed on the packaging:

  • Water, Sorbitol, Glycerin corn
  • Plant black walnut extract
  • Tree benzyl alcohol, citric acid
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Tree disodium EDTA
  • Processing of the lactic acid salt

Q: What is the color of henna on the skin?

A: The color of the stain that you get with any henna natural rubber, including rubber EARTH HENNA is reddish brown. Color variations depend on their skin tone and skin type.

Q: Can I add something to make it darker dough?

A: Nothing that we know. Some people add indigo, others add water boiled with cloves. We hear all kinds of homemade recipes, but nothing that can attest for sure.

Q: What about black henna?

A: The black henna there. The color obtained with natural henna plant is reddish brown. The black tattoos obtained using the “black henna” are made with henna powder altered chemicals that are potentially harmful to your skin. In some cases the chemicals contained in the black henna can leave you with permanent cicatrces You may be sent to hospital. We recommend staying away from the alleged black henna.

Q: what is the use of eucalyptus oil?

A: The purpose of eucalyptus templates is to transfer to the skin. In addition, some people starts cleaning the skin with eucalyptus oil before applying the henna paste. However, applying eucalyptus oil is not necessary to obtain a good color.

Q: How to transfer the templates?

A: First apply a generous amount of eucalyptus oil on the skin. Cutting the required design sheet template. Place the template face down on the skin and hold it there for ten or fifteen segundos.Remueva the template. You should see a transfer template design on your skin.You are ready to start drawing on the lines using the applicator bottle filled with henna paste.

Q: They are reusable templates?

A: Yes Each Template can be re-used up to four or five times.

Q: Can you mix powder and half the solution and leave the other half for a second use, or you have to use at one time?

A: We strongly recommend you mix the entire contents at one time .. Getting a perfect consistency is very difficult and we have gone to tips for to provide the exact amount of powder and solution. Most people trying to split the ends with a henna paste that too thick or too watery.

Q: How long does it take to dry?

A: The henna paste dries in 10-15 minutes.

Q: How long I have to leave it on the skin?

A: A minimum of six hours. The longer you leave, you will get better results.

Q: How to remove the paste?

A: Pick it just off with your nails or rub off with your fingers or a towel.

What is henna?Now everything about henna & mehndi designs What is henna?Now everything about henna & mehndi designs What is henna?Now everything about henna & mehndi designs What is henna?Now everything about henna & mehndi designs



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