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What Is The Best Way To Store Make Up Brushes?

There are so many women who are interested to know that how they can store the makeup brushes in the best way! Storing the brushes is not at all difficult tasks but if you want to make the use of it for the long time then you surely have to give the best attention in its storage as well.

Easy and Simple Way To Store Make Up Brushes:


  1. You can make the choice of buying the set of makeup brushes and use the roll-up storage bag that comes with them. You can also buy these storage bags as from the beauty supply stores, drugstores and cosmetics counters.
  2. You should make sure one thing that at the time of keeping the makeup brushes the area should be completely clean or you run the risk of harboring bacteria.
  3. You should be choosing the one all along with the holder in the company of at least three separate sections as in this you can sort your brushes by size and function.
  4. You should be storing them out of direct sunlight. It is to be mentioned that most of the natural and synthetic fibers wear down over time when exposed to direct sunlight. You should even try to avoid heat as well.
  5. Try to store the rest of the brush items inside the clean and clear plastic bags. In this way you can carry them in your purse while travelling.
  6. Further you have the choice of covering the portable makeup brushes and then store them in a clean and empty pocket in your purse.

So you can follow these simple tips in mind and give the best care to the makeup brushes right from this moment!

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