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What is your sign, what does it say about you? Egyptian Horoscope

What is your sign, what does it say about you? Egyptian Horoscope

In Egyptian astrology generates a global system that describes each personality as the phenomena of nature.His theories with cosmic laws applicable to life.

Metal, wood, water, fire and earth are the five essentials.Each of these gives each sign a peculiarity.
The horoscope is based on lunar cycles. Match the stars with animals and also with the gods.

What is your sign, what does it say about you? 



October 16 to November 15

Your Personality:
Women under this sign are characterized by very strong emotions and feelings.
They are persistent in everything they want.
Women are confident, sincere, intelligent and very sympathetic.
Conquer are his charisma!
They have a great energy, that holds under all adversities.
They are always willing to fight for what they want. Nothing stops them.
But they can be very suspicious when relations.
They are extremely intuitive, and channel know that under the best way.

In love:
They are somewhat possessive and very passionate.
They seek a strong partner with initiative.
The passion and sex are very important to this sign.
Avoid arguments-
Sometimes jealousy play a trick on them, must learn to control them.
When they do truly love without limits or pressures. They play for what they want!

Black and Navy


January 16 to February 15

His personality:
Women under this sign are kind and humanitarian.
They are loyal and very cordial.
They are intended to help and work with people weaker.
They are warm and friendly women.
Harmony and balance are two of the most important virtues. They are very intelligent and mentally agile.
They are independent and confident. Sometimes it can appear somewhat distant.
They were born to change the world!
They provide innovative ideas, changes … not attached to anything.

In love:
They look strong and dominant people.
Supplied with all they have in relationships.
Anyway always need their space and freedom. It is a sign that is attached to anything easily.
They love freedom, and can not keep commitments too severe.
It costs meet schedules, routines and orders.



February 16 to March 15

His personality:
They are extremely strong and vital women.
They have an enviable power and strength for many.
They know what they want and play for that.
They have great magnetism that attracts others easily.
Women are energetic and very organized, with clear values.
They have an organized and logical thinking.
They are introverted.
They have a lot of intuition.
They know all you care to have your most important relationships.
They are women who can collaborate and help everyone.
They have extreme sensitivity and compassion.

In love:
When they fall they are ready for anything.
They give everything they have for the people they love.
Enjoy life as they are, they are all the time complaining or lamenting … quite the opposite!
They need a strong and dynamic partner, are they looking for in a partner.
They do everything they can to be happy all the time.

Color: Pink


March 16 to April 15

His personality:
They are very intelligent women, full of strategies and powers.
They always know what they want.
They get the respect of all.
They set their own limits and rules.
Women are considered forward-looking and strategists.
They are very intuitive and motivating.
They have an open mind, know dialogue.
They are able to solve difficult problems, and do not stop at the obstacles.
They trust in themselves, and are very safe. They may seem selfish or conceited if they are not well understood.
Never forget someone they love.
They defend with everything they can what they think.
They are real women, who achieve success when they propose.
They are impulsive and somewhat impatient.

In love:
They are women who are very accommodating to their partners.
They are very companions and protectors.
They are characterized by intense at the time of love, passion and very good lovers.



April 16 to May 15

His personality:
The women of this sign do not like anything around the bush and rodeos.
They adventurous soul.
They are very good stewards of their finances. You know money look.
Usually fall in meetings and social events, although sometimes they can be too vain.
They feel confident.
They are very energetic and insightful.
Do not have a temper, but are stubborn when they propose something. They do not stop until it succeeds.
They are very sensual and vivacious women.
They know very well make practical decisions to deal with the problems.
They do not like to waste time!
They were born to make your dreams come true … are organizers, hardworking, and will stop at nothing.
They will need to learn to control a little stubbornness and rigidity to some things.

In love:
They are happy when they find their perfect match.
They are demanding, especially sexual level.
There is always room for romance and tenderness in your life.
They prefer the simplicity, love home and family.



May 16 to June 15

His personality:
These women often bored some others.
They love freedom and want a life away from the routine.
They need to live in constant change.
Nothing distracts when interested in something.
They focus and nothing stops them.
It’s the most curious sign Egyptian Zodiac.
Among its most remarkable qualities is persistence. Never give up, are ready for anything!
They are able to give support to all the people they want.
They tend to be innovative, provide ideas and stand by his creativity.
Women will be ideal to communicate!
They need to learn to control his impatience to get the results they expect.

In love:
These women need to be conquered with the head first.
Not easily swayed by what the heart dictates.
They are seductive and always willing to conquer.
They need to admire your partner to fall in love truly.
Sometimes have trouble facing serious and lasting relationships.
Their moods change and that can bring disadvantages.

Brown, gold and orange


June 16 to July 15

His personality:
The women of this sign are very sensitive.
They have a very powerful imagination.
They have a strong maternal instinct that makes them help everyone who needs them.
They are always ready to listen and help others.
They are excellent companions and good friends, defend theirs as anyone.
They are faithful to their affections, understanding and loving.
They enjoy the quiet life at home.
They are very kind, but at times sulk.
When things do not go as they expect, their moods change radically and become unfriendly and impenetrable.
His greatest quality is kindness.
They do not enjoy things too strict.
These are women who love the outdoors and nature!

In love:
They are very romantic and passionate.
They are happy with small everyday gestures.
They have a varying mood, and avoid the pressures.
We flee to the arguments and conflicts.



July 16 to August 15

His personality:
Women are outgoing and energetic.
Leaders cream.
They like the difficult situations where they must make decisions.
Are overcome every day, and fighting for their own growth.
The weak point is that hate to lose.
They feel at times the center of everything, and that the women shown as cocky or selfish.
They are usually very fun and entertaining.
Important lead them money, but they know very well take care of. They are excellent managers.
They can be fast and very observant, as solemn and observers.
Very good organizers.
They are determined, and very firm to their values.
They are excellent to communicate and enforce justice. They love what they do, and fight for what they love.

In love:
They need a partner who admire.
Require intelligence and wisdom in their partners.
They feel they deserve true love, and healthy.
They play for what they want! Dan herself completely when truly love.



August 16 to September 15

His personality:
They are women who really enjoy life and its pleasures, not to exceed.
They know to put the brake.
They are very good workers and great host.
They are always willing to take any responsibility.
Provide all your help.
They do not fear the effort and sacrifice. Dan all of themselves to achieve their goals.
Like not being exposed, prefer go unnoticed.
Women are strong and very sincere. Simple and with great enthusiasm in what they do.
They are simple and jovial. Solve it all with ease and convenience. They have much practical snetido.
Ideal to solve, decide, organize.
They are perfect when you propose!

In love:
Women passions and strong.
Aman with all forces and give so much.
Do not hide emotions or feelings know.
Looking for a safe and protective partner that gives them stability in all aspects.
Need smoothness and softness.
No supporting arguments or aggressiveness.



September 16 to October 15

His personality:
Women of this sign have a great capacity for observation.
They are meticulous and tidy.
They have a friendly and affable temperament.
Pursue a great aesthetic sense, always, in everything they do.
Incessantly seek harmony of all things.
They have trouble making decisions because constantly seek approval and the opinion of others.
They are very active and wise people.
Innovative, creative, and successful entrepreneurs. Rarely accept failure. Do not get discouraged, fight and give everything of himself.
They are good reviews, and recognize when they are wrong.
They are excellent partners. They know to help and advise those who need it.
Its mission is to achieve peace and harmony, fight for it!

In love:
Looking for the right person, bringing together many personal qualities.
They are strong and ambitious.
They will tend to idealize their partners and this leads them to some sentimental disappointments and failures.
They are very romantic and skillful seduction.
They are affectionate and demonstrative, willing to do anything for love.



November 16 to December 15

His personality:
They are women with great sensuality and considerable capacity for love.
They are romantic and very passionate.
They have a remarkable cheerfulness and energy.
Know what you want.
They are always smiling and happy. But when there is a problem radically change their minds.
They are active women who love to be in motion.
They maintain an intense and varied social life, no lie!
They are spontaneous and naive at times.
They were born to conquer, discover, travel … alive!
They have a positive mint, looking on the bright side of things.
Evolve daily.
They are tireless!

In love:
To fall in love need a dynamic and active partner to accompany them.
They need joy and vitality in their partners.
They love the seduction and love.
Aman conquest!



December 16 to January 15

His personality:
They have a strong will, patience and intelligence.
Driver know your destination, get success.
They fight for what they believe.
Can defend themselves.
They are methodical, reliable, patient and stick to the routine.
They are stubborn, but good listeners.
They have a strong mentality and very practical. They are introverted and use their power when the situation warrants.
They were born to bring order and organization, enforce rules and traditions.
Teach others.
Demonstrate their distrust at times. They must overcome the pessimism and stiffness.

In love:
Although its external image can be strong and cold, love is intense and passionate.
Accepting deep love with your partner as it is.
They are very faithful and constant in love relationships.
They need to admire the other person to love her.
They are attracted by the sound people responsible and intelligent.

Dark blue

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