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What men think

Everyone has at one time or another had a doubt about his budding relationship.Is it good?Does he like me as I am?Many existential questions that can lead to paranoia and self-sabotage.Also, we offer which tracks not to flirt in extreme but always ask the right questions

The literature on the subject

The book He’s Not Just That Into You was inspired by the hit series fashionistas Sex and The City and in particular the episode “Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little”. In this episode, Miranda asks Jack, attendance when Carrie analyze and decode the behavior of one of her male targets. This tells us that the man in question has refused to get into his apartment after their date under the pretext of an early meeting the next day, which tell Jack “He’s just not that into you” because when a man really after you, it goes up, meeting or not.

The book by Greg Behrendt Liz Tuccillo is a guide for young single women who drowned signal due to their main activity surinterprétation all every move, come to miss the main index. If man by whom they are attracted to and with whom they are considering a relationship, makes no effort to see is that it is simply not interested.

This harsh reality is exposed through the pages, between testimony and sharp analysis, a playful and humorous pace. If, of course, this book should not be taken literally, it remains a useful wakeup call needed for some ladies, who by dint of putting all their energy into relationships without foundation, eventually to burn the wings. too look at love on network contacts , as if he bought on a dating site, they inevitably go where it is not.

Some typical situations

1. Would not plan your next meeting.

A serious relationship is built in from the front, there is not question about your plans for next Christmas, but if he wants something with you, he will find time to see you in the week busy or not.

2. You see you between midnight and dawn.

Relationship to deserve its name should see the light of day. If you did not receive his days, is that you are not part of its priorities, especially if it is recurrent.

3. He sees other people.

If your relationship is not defined, it may not be a problem, however, it is important to discuss. Indeed, if it is not connected with your life, you will be dismissed. And he speaks of other women they see is a clear sign that he is not really interested.

4. There is no effort.

While there is no effort to come to you, know your friends, share your tastes and passions, how you live, is that it does not want a stable relationship with you. Also, if you never called, this is another proof that the relationship is one-sided. Also, restrict you to contact him, if he wants to see you, he will.

5. He tells you that your story is not official.

If you say you’re not his girlfriend, believe it. He has no interest to lie to you and you have any interest to believe. If he wants you to share a story, he will tell you, just as you must be clear about your intentions.

In all cases, you want someone who wants to be with you at the bottom. Also, it is quite unnecessary to justify his actions to find excuses as easy as false, for the reason that you deserve better, or at least someone who simply wants to live a story with you.

What men think

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