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What to do about dark circles?

Concealer can be targeted proceed with decongestants. Longer term, it should still shift down a gear.

A night carousing, the ravages of time and a stressful day appear first on the face: pale and gray skin, blemishes and dark circles.Especially the latter is an indication that you should quickly shift down one gear.Quick, one wonders since w hat you can do concealer.Many home remedies help against the unsightly rings.

This results in dark circles
The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate.Since subcutaneous and firm connective tissue, are absent here also leaves the elasticity and strength desired.At night, the metabolism slows down and the fine vessels (capillaries) around the eyes are filled with lymph and blood, after which they become narrower.This is visible through a thin blue shadows on the eye skin.
In order to stimulate the lymphatic flow again, helps a micro massage.To do this, run your fingers from the nose through the cheekbone to blows while leading from light tapping motions.

Home remedies for swelling
To relieve the swelling, there are many well-known home remedy.The best known include tea bags, cucumber slices, cold masks from the freezer and Quark masks.All cool, and return the skin’s moisture and elasticity and also boost the circulation.The curd mask, you can even apply to the entire face.After a contact time of 20 minutes, take the mask easily with a damp washcloth again.

Should it go quite quickly, usually only helps the concealer, a skin-colored concealer, which makes the bluish discolouration instantly invisible.Apply the concealer under the brows and in addition to the eyelid, you get a bright and awake.Ideally a concealer with a yellow cast, because yellow neutralizes the blue of the veins.

Help from the chemist
Longer-term solutions to ugly dark circles you get at the pharmacy.Beauty experts recommend weakly concentrated ointments containing urea.This substance is completely natural, since it also occurs in our bodies.Treatment with an ointment such increases the water content in the top layer of skin and also normalizes the skin’s elasticity.Also effective as whitening products have proven that include grapefruit, mulberry and algae.

Causes concern specifically
Before you establish now an arsenal of products against dark circles, you should start your lifestyle subjected to closer scrutiny.Because often, the blue shadows can already successfully tackled with some minor changes.
The body handles everything is taken during the day, and this includes not only nutrients and oxygen, but also toxins.So your skin rosy ausieht again, you must ensure that you are only exposed to positive health sources.Smoky disco air, air-conditioning and fug chronic stress are not only pure poison for the body, the skin will reciprocate: in the form of dark circles.Try to sleep a lot to reduce stress and often reside in the fresh air.This also applies to night: The window should always be open to allow the blood to oxygenate.If all these measures do not help to succeed, you either have a predisposition for puffy eyes or may be sick.This could, for example, permanent dark circles indicate diabetes.
What to do about dark circles?

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