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What to do with itchy scalp?

Anyone who wonders what to do for itchy scalp, you should first investigate the cause, only then various options are considered to remove the dry skin and itching.

For many, the question arises, what to do for itchy scalp, especially when one has scratched the scalp already bloody.The itching can be a lot of desperate people, this is also uncomfortable and can be painful.For many people it is also very embarrassing when you are constantly in the public scratching.The main problem is usually dry scalp, there are some options that can help.To the question of what to do for itchy scalp can be said that this does not require grease, but moisture.The scalp is dried out by hair mousse and hair sprays, additionally, blow dry skin drier.With signs of eczema, atopic dermatitis, a fungal disease or other skin conditions, a doctor should be consulted.

The home remedies for itchy scalp

  • An itchy and dry scalp can dry shampoos by even more, here are pH-balanced and unscented shampoos to recommend from the pharmacy, this mild and do not dry clean. One can also try using a mild baby shampoo, if the products from the pharmacy are too expensive.
  • Every week you can also even after washing olive oil massaged into the scalp, leave this for a few minutes and wash it with a mild shampoo. The oil should be removed completely, otherwise the hair look slightly greasy.
  • Against the itching can also help hair oil or hair tonic from the chemist or pharmacy, it must be alcohol-free and the instructions on the package should be followed. -Made with a hair conditioner can also treat the hair, this is a liter of water and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar needed.
  • After the hair has been washed, the mixture is massaged into the hair and the mud is washed out. Very good for the question of what to do for itchy scalp, hair brushes are genuine boar bristles, the scalp is stimulated and natural regeneration is encouraged.

So the itch treated

  • The itching can have many causes, including closure of a skin disease, irritation of products, or an allergy. Before you ask, do for itchy scalp, you should clarify the causes. With many open wounds caused the skin and also the sleep is disturbed.
  • Tea tree oil shampoo should be used, this is the natural skin environment recovers and antibacterial. In addition, sheds can be solved, which also lead to itching.
  • So the scalp is not irritated by hard bristles, create it on a soft hairbrush. This is not the scalp torn open and there will be no burning and bloody bodies. On styling products and blow drying should be abandoned in the worst period.
  • On the question of what to do for itchy scalp can be a skin doctor to know if it is a disease.Also, a color should not be used, the scalp becomes irritated and dried out.


What to do with itchy scalp?

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