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What To Know About What Is Child Labour

Do you know what is child labour? We all know that with the passage of years child labour is one such problem whose percentage is increased very quickly. It is one such ailment that is badly affecting the whole society and its surroundings. The main reason for the child labour is the poverty because of which the small children are not able to attend the schools and are simply forced to involve them in the labour activities. Most of the times the repayment of the debt taken by parents, and the incapability of governments to make available sufficient facilities in support of education are few of the main reasons that are giving rise to the child labour 2014.

What To Know About What Is Child Labour


Is Child Labour Affecting Society?

Now the main question is that what is child labour? It has been so far witnessed that child labour is affecting about 13 million children all across the globe. India is currently hosting about 14 per cent of the afflicted children. It has been so far captured that the child labour is never found to be limited to just one single society. It is one such social evil that is affecting each single person in the society in a negative manner. Each single day the percentage of child labour is increasing on the high level. In addition it has been found that United Nations have put some efforts to battle the threat found expression in its Convention of the Rights of the Child, ratified by 190 countries in 1989 are applaud able in this case.

The main function of the Child Labour has been all interlinked with the violation of the tenets of human rights. The main issue of the child labour has taken lace during the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century. This was the era when the production in the factories traveled into the stages of a zenith. At this time there was much greater demand of the skilled and unskilled labours. This was the situation when the child labour took birth. Children were put to work forcefully besides forcing them to sit in the classes to study. No one was able to control this situation and soon it went out of control.  Today even in the modern society there are many children who are seen working in places and various occupations that entitled that as “Child Labour”.

So this was about what is child labour! Start protesting against the child labour right now and bring a break over its development right now!

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