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Which Makeup for which skin type?

To prevent ugly edges on the neck or unnatural skin tone, one should always match the makeup to your own skin type

Many women value a fresh and natural complexion, but few possess it.In this age of fast food, stressful jobs and a high pollution the skin, our largest and most important organ, the most stressed.This makes them easy to get off balance.Pimples, enlarged pores, redness, and dry or oily skin surfaces are the result.But how can this conceals blemishes sent, without much makeup look?


Recognize their own type
Makeup is crucial for the correct skin type.This is divided into four categories.The normal skin type are identified by a well-vascularized, rosy complexion and less visible pores.Here goes a liquid or powder from Make Up for matting.For dry skin types with an exciting skin and skin detaching particles is best suited to a foundation cream base that has an additional moisturizing.Oily skin is usually large pores, shiny and more prone to blemishes.A Compact Makeup is best served by this type of skin.But most women have what is called combination skin.Oily and dry skin zones divide the face.Here are several makeup products to use.With a liquid makeup primer to the various parts of the skin and matted it with an additional powder.The preparations should contain no oil, if possible.


Accessories that you have to have
In all four types of skin thorough cleaning, but also the application of a moisturizer prior to makeup use is important.For a sensitive skin, make sure that the makeup – products contain as few additives and are fragrance-free.The makeup itself should be only one color shade lighter or darker than the natural skin tone.Otherwise there ugly edges on the neck in purchasing.
Those who suffer from dark circles can be a special concealer, called Concealer, provide rapid relief.The concealer should be chosen in a lighter shade to the rest of the makeup, otherwise the dark circles rather making laminated.
To hide an unsightly pimples, one should start with an antibacterial concealer.Then as usual, the makeup is applied.A drop of the Foundation dabs a brush to spotting the pimple again.

Which Makeup for which skin type?

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