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White hair: Help!

Read all our tips to eliminate your first gray hair.

Where do white hair?

Time passes slowly reveals fine white hairin the hair. Even if it is a postulate known to all, it does not prevent the feeling of dread never arise when the first hair bleached cs.

In general, they occur around the age of 35 years. The first thing to remember is that we are not all equal before the onset of gray hair.

For some, this manifests itself later and discrete phenomenon is very long. Others see their hair is sprinkled with very small white hair at the age of 25 years, and this is usually hereditary.

There are also other factors that lead to the appearance of white hair: stress, fatigue, nervousness, psychological shock, environment, hormonal problems, intake of certain drugs …

How to hide white hair?

If you do not really assume your little white hair and you have the impression that they see a lot, but there are solutions. They are also quite simple to implement.

Firstly, it is good to remember that it is unnecessary to pull your white hair (even if there are some) because it is useless and sometimes they repel many more!

In fact, two solutions are available to you: change your hairstyle or hair color. You can actually take the opportunity to change the head !

If you see such as hair lie on a certain side of the skull, then move your line in order to cover them.

Concerning the coloring of white hair, it can be a good opportunity to try another color, to adopt a new look! Or you can simply choose the tone on tone.

Bungs and redheads, who have the opportunity to better conceal white hair in their hair, may opt for a scan.

Brunettes will have the total solution of the coloring and will return to the hairdresser every month to the roots. Those who decide to make a coloring themselves will favor products without ammonia and herbal.

Can we stop the appearance of white hair?

If the appearance of white hair is due to a medical or psychological, then it will be identified and addressed in order to “stop the manufacturing process,” white hair!

If your parents have started to have thinning hair very young, so there is chance that this happens to you too, and in this case you can not fight against your inheritance.

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