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White pigment spots on face: How to successfully treat?

Many sufferers know that: white pigment spots on the face are more distracting and difficult to treat. This need not be!

White pigment spots on the face are disturbing not only from a cosmetic and aesthetic point of view, they often also indicates that something is not in the body is in balance.Should a possible treatment not only be adapted to the pigment marks, but also to its release.Only then can the pigmentation be treated successfully and sustainably.

Treatment options

  • White pigment spots on the face can often be very effectively treated by a dermatologist with a laser. However, this type of treatment is, of course, relatively expensive and not always permanent promising. Another option to the dermatologist, the treatment with liquid nitrogen.
  • Many creams from the pharmacy have a relatively long start-up time, usually around three months. Companies like La Roche-Posay and Ricarda M. are known in the art. During this time, the pigment spots are naturally covered with a concealer or a gutdeckenden makeup or completely obscured. However, both are also creams that are to treat pigmented lesions, as well as that they do not cover very inexpensive. If you notice that the pigmentation will slowly brighter, it is a sign that the product selected works.
  • Many cosmetic companies offer creams, which are often cheaper than those from the pharmacy. These are unfortunately often not very successful. Even if the moles were successfully treated, regardless of which type of therapy that can occur after a while.


  • Some women pigmentation during pregnancy, but may also simply by hormonal imbalances, the birth control pill or poor diet are triggered. This may in the course of one to two years after the imbalance was corrected, disappear, sometimes they stay well.
  • Also to strong sunlight can cause white pigment spots on the face. Only very strong sunscreens with SPF can about sixty or more, prevent further pigmentation.
  • As you can see, there is no panacea for pigmentation. You should go right the first occurrence of this stubborn skin contemporaries in medical treatment and counseling, and also try it for yourself some creams. Get well soon and good luck!


White pigment spots on face: How to successfully treat?

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