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Why should we put the tonic / lotion of

Many people do not use toner / lotion in their daily routine of skin care. When I ask, they answer me they do not see the point since they do not know what it is.

So today I want to demystify the toning / lotion and benefits for you to know its importance.

Basically, a tonic lotion is a cosmetic liquid form used to clean, refresh, cleanse and tone the skin.

We use the tonic / lotion “rinse” after cleansing with a cleanser or milk, cream, gel or foam. It completes this step by removing all traces of makeup residue and dirt that may remain embedded in the skin.

For those who use a cleansing milk or cream, tonic / lotion is essential. You only have to take the test. It’s very simple. Make your cleansing as usual, then go a slice of soaked cotton tonic all over the face and observe cotton. He will probably changed color. These are makeup residue or dirt that cleansing alone failed to remove. Imagine all the time you do not use root / lotion, you put the moisturizer over the dirt, so it remained trapped on your skin. So, do not wonder why we have comedones (blackheads) or buttons.

For those who clean the skin with water, it may be that your cleaner + water were enough to remove makeup residue, but the tonic / lotion removes limescale from the water that remains on your skin once it dries.

Morning, dirt accumulated during the night must be removed. Just a slice of cotton soaked with tonic / lotion to complete the cleanup. This is much faster than using a cleaner and more water is refreshing and it starts the day right!

Tonic (lotion) is also ideal for dry or sensitive skin, as it is not recommended to clean these types of skin with water, they must use cleaning cream or milk. The water often contains chlorine and other sanitizers can irritate and dehydrate. Tonic (lotion) becomes an essential, as it will play the role of water “rinsing” the cleansing milk or cream.

In addition to this utility, tonic / lotion is also used to tighten the pores and prepares the skin to better receive the cream. Your cream will have more effect on your skin.

Some tonic / lotions even have some ingredients to multiple properties. This is an additional advantage.

Warning: Avoid toners / lotions that contain alcohol, especially if you have sensitive skin or have rosacea (or rosacea). It can dehydrate or irritate sensitive skin.

One thing is certain, all the people I did try the tonic / lotion now use it on a regular basis because they have noticed the benefits: less dull complexion, clearer, brighter, less blackheads or pimples skin and a more clean and fresh.

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