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Winter Skin Care Tips To Keep Soft And Glowing Skin

Winter Season, the frosty, cool, briskly weather is not good for your skin and hair. Cold winds, chilled days and nights affects the soft skin of our hands and face especially. This Results in dry hairs, dry, rough and itchy skin and cracks appear on the skin, which really puts a bad impression on your beauty.

Healthy Skin is very important for our healthy body. Skin is a protective layer on our body which gives protection from bad impacts of environment and keeps our inner body temperature and inner organs perfect. So, its very important to keep your skin healthy and soft because it not only damages your beauty but also required for proper body functions. To avoid cracked, itchy, irritated and inflamed skin in winters, Try these simple Skin care Tips to keep your skin fresh and healthy. If the problem is worse then surely visit a dermatologist to diagnose the problem and treat that problem.

Keep your skin Cool:

A long hot water shower may give you happiness and great feeling in winters but it have negative impacts on your hair and skin as it strip the moisture from your skin and hair. So try to use lukewarm water for not more than 5 minutes.


Use Healthy Food:

To remain healthy and moisturized in winters, it’s important to use healthy food enriched with mono-saturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids like fish, nuts, olive oil, sardines & avocados.



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Load Up Vitamin C:

While going out at some market or grocery shop, grab food enriched with vitamin C, like Citrus fruits and dark, leafy greens. The Vitamin C boost up the production of Collagen protein which improves and maintains our skin and connective tissues.


Dry Skin:

To treat and heal the rough and dry skin in winters, mix a few drops of oil or grape seed oil in your bathwater or you can also apply a thin layer of oil on all over the body after taking every shower. Apply a moisturizer or lotion immediately after taking bath which will helps your skin to remain soft and glowing.


Rough & Cracked Feet:

Nothing screams “dead of winter” as intractable, calloused feet with cracked heels. Save some cash and skip the pedicure exfoliating and moisturizing at home. Moisturize your feet with thick cream full of lactic acid and befor goin to sleep wear cotton socks which help to absorb the cream effectively.


Dry Hands:

Hands are most visible and part of our beauty organs. To avoid your hands from dryness, cracks apply thick moisturizing cream after washing hands and several times in whole day. Apply cream instead of lotion on your hands because cream has higher oil to water ratio. Try to wear rubber glows while washing clothes and dishes it will protects your hands from dryness. You must apply cream before sleeping on your hands.




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