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With what and when you can plant the balcony

You wonder at what point you can plant the balcony?Basically, you can plant the balcony every season.Especially if it is quite large, has a southern exposure and you want to plant deep vessels, your balcony all year season.




Time for the balcony planting is all year

  • If your balcony to the south, southeast or goes out, the spring planting begins in the winter, so that the question “at what point you can plant the balcony?” therefore hardly represents.


  • Buy bulbs , each more colorful, spring-moderate. A nice mix are snowdrops and crocuses for the first splash of color, then half high or low tulips, lush grape hyacinths and a few hyacinths for fragrance. Even the little Easter bells color to your balcony. To protect them from frost cover your bulbs between December and the end of January with fir branches.



When the little balcony and sun room for only small vessels has

  • When can I plant the balcony? In a small balcony with a little sun is the reply: best from spring to autumn. Buying preferred the first spring flowers ready. Then you paint the house in March.Beautiful combinations of the spring flowers are the small pansy. They bloom from March to October and thus provide a good foundation for your boxes represent


  • When the spring flowers in summer fade then you fill in the gaps on quiet little braver. It may not always be geranium. Especially if your balcony has a railing, you should also consider hanging plants.


  • A beautiful combination, for example, high-white daisies surrounded by bluebells and blue Kapaster and completed by hanging petunias, or black-eyed Susan.



Even in winter, you can of course replant your balcony

  • There are nice days in the winter, where one is happy for a short time outside. Maybe with a few friends and a glass of wine. For the answer to the question of when one can plant the balcony, is also in the winter planting is possible.


  • A beautiful plants for the time comes to the Christmas man are once again pansy, but also small cyclamen and of course Erika are very nice. If it’s cold, thanks to the winter, cover the whole thing with pine trees and in between you make a few lights.

With what and when you can plant the balcony

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