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Would you like to learn how to apply make-up?

Handle brushes and colors is an art that must be mastered some basic rules. How to make makeup without artifice vulgar, garish or otherwise impoverish his face?Depending on your desires, your needs and the opportunity to make three steps are working or complexion, eyes and mouth. Learn to put on makeup requires some professional advice. Find the bottom of the page is a video that tells you how well your makeup.

If there were only one part of the face makeup, it would be the skin. If you have a tendency to acne, sensitive care solve the problem in depth. A foundation that allows the skin to breathe disguise those irregularities, redness and scars prevent acne over the face. Turn to a foundation of a color closest to your natural skin tone. Do not forget the lids! Locally, dry sticks buttons with flesh color makes them disappear.Dark circles are the most responsible for signs of fatigue. Choose a concealer shade slightly lighter than your skin.

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