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Yellow toenails treatment

Yellow toenails are not only unsightly but can at worst be a sign of incipient fungal disease.

If you have yellow toenails, can have various causes.In women, yellow toenails are caused when were painted incorrectly.Although this looks not very nice when you have removed the old nail polish, can be treated very easily.Importantly, the next time you paint colors or nail polish to have applied without a good base coat.If you follow this tip, be adjusted no more yellowing.

Discolorations quickly remove
Yellow toenails are only a superficial discoloration, you can create quick remedy with citric acid.Simply cut a fresh lemon and rub the juice with the nail surface and be active for a longer period of leave.Although this old house means no more yellow toenails to help, then you must do something coarser.Take a soft sanding block (available at any drugstore) and roughen the nail plate to gently until the discoloration is abraded.Well just back bare and polish the nails have been restored to their natural color.Please grind the nail plate there but not too thin, otherwise the nail easily react sensitive to pressure.

Yellow toenails with fungus
If you have yellow toenails that have been caused by a fungal disease, then help only medicines.User can get around the corner pharmacist recommend appropriate antifungal agents, which remove the nail fungus for a long time.Nevertheless, you should consider going to the professional pedicure in consideration, so that the sick horny layers from time to time be removed professionally.When yellow toenails have occurred by a nail fungus disease is almost always a very prolonged period of treatment schedule, which can often take longer than six months.

Please let’s see the doctor!
However, they are best removed with a dermatologist of the diseased nail plate makes a swab to determine to which fungal spores it is exactly.Also, your dermatologist can prescribe pills that you have to pay but themselves and fight the fungal infection from the inside out.If you follow the instructions of the patient as a mushroom regular tablets and regularly visit a medical pedicure for further treatment, your yellow toenails will soon be a thing of the past.

Yellow toenails treatment

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