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Your lipstick reveals your personality!

When asked if the way you use your lipstick really shows your personality traits deep, I’m not sure, but it’s so fun to see if it could match! It’s a bit like astrology or numerology what. This kind of small-psycho test is not new, but I recently rediscovered by a friend, and we had fun to compare.

So here, for our sake, the eight (8) most popular ways in which women use their stick lipstick (sorry users of gloss o), and a brief description of the personality traits that will be attached. I unfortunately do not have references or sources of these features, so I have no idea if this is a downright pshychologue or a makeup artist who evaluated these, but I think there may be still a of truth. Important to know: we start with a stick of lipstick nine beveled.


Type 1: The end of your lipstick remained exactly as purchase (regardless of the original form)

Type 1

Type 1


-You will comply with the rules

-You do not like to draw attention

-You are somewhat reserved

-You are a great admirer

Like-structured schedule have

Like-color your hair to attract attention to the eyes


Type 2: The tip of your lipstick is rounded (convex dome) uniformly

Type 2

Type 2


-You are accommodating nature

-You are even-tempered

-You are a serious person

-You’re a nice

-You are conciliatory

You are generous-


Type 3: The tip of your lipstick is cut diagonally perfect

Type 3

Type 3


-You are full of enthusiasm

-You do not like schedules

-You are strongly attached to your opinion

-You are open-minded

-You are selective in your choice of friends

-Like other reason

-Like that gives you attention


Type 4: The tip of your lipstick is rounded concave shape, with the pointy end

Type 4

Type 4


You are creative,

-You are an energetic person

-You are optimistic and enthusiastic

-You are talkative

-Like that gives you attention

You are nature-friendly

-You fall in love easily

-You do not like schedules, but you however need


Type 5: The end of your lipstick is concave to 360 degrees, with the pointy end

Type 5

Type 5


-You are a kind person

-Like many family

-You are kind and loving leader giving orders

-You are a competent and efficient in your work

-You are stubborn nature

-Like the hype

-You like to be surrounded by good


Type 6: The tip of your lipstick is completely flat, like a lip balm

Type 6

Type 6


-You are a direct

-You consider the appearance as important

-You are conservative

-You have a sharp mind

-You have principles

-You need that you approve your choices

-You are a reliable person

-Do you like challenges


Type 7: The tip of your lipstick is entirely concave

Type 7

Type 7


You are perceptive-

-You relate easily to friendship

-You are intrusive nature

You are dynamic-

-Like searching and discovering, like a detective

-You have a complex personality


You are bold-


Type 8: The tip of your lipstick is pointed

Type 8

Type 8


-You are curious

-You’re loyal nature

-You have a good ego

Like-easy solutions

You are spiritual-

Like, get attention

-Like life in general

-Others find you mysterious

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