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Your planet, according to your zodiac sign

Your planet, according to your zodiac sign

Did you know that your sign is ruled by a planet?

Each planet has and exerts a force of gravity that depends on its features. The attraction of a planet exerts on the other is called “disturbances” and influence all elements on the planet.

All signs have a planet itself, except for Gemini and Virgo, Mercury sharing, and Taurus with Libra, who share Venus.

Discover your world according to your sign … You will be surprised!

Mars: restless, risky and experimenter. 

Rules Aries

The feature is that it is a dangerous world, the others fear.
It has lot of physical energy, so it is associated with the male part of the zodiac.
There is an aggressive planet, but very strong.
The sexual power and the power of passion are key to Thursday.
This planet indicates the drive and energy, relejadas in motivation and emotion of your sign, that is Aries.

That is why the need Arianas conquer, to assert itself over the other. They give their all to achieve their goal.

The Sun: sociable, creative and reliable.

Leo governs

Symbolically associated to perfection.
It is a generous planet, especially based on genuine feelings.
It refers to the creativity and joy.
Promotes self-esteem.
It symbolizes our spirit more powerful.

This is why the Leonine are very active, with great charisma, determined, full of character and confident.

Moon: focused, objective and emotional.

Rules Cancer 

It refers to the feminine.
Represent our “I more sensitive.”
It relates to the past, the family and the purest emotions.
The myth relates to the most beautiful and handsome.
The sensuality and seduction are present, symbolized by the Moon.
Our unconscious desires are present on the moon.
It is associated with the mythical and historical.

This is why the Cancerianas are very feminine women, good friends, mothers, lovers, companions. Faithful and present, always.


Jupiter: guide, wise and thoughtful

Rules Sagittarius

This planet is about learning and philosophy.
Demonstrates and enhances the important things in life.
Optimism influences …
It is more just and fair world.
People who are ruled by this planet tend to be optimistic and fun.
It is the planet of success.

That is why the Sagitarianas love freedom, expression and movement. They are idealistic, and always want to discover things beyond …

Mercury: practical, intelligent and thoughtful.

Rules Gemini and Virgo

Mercury is intellectual, perceptive, reasonable.
Always have good arguments.
He is an excellent communicator.
This planet stimulates the mind.
It is mentally and physically turn too.
Among its most negative is excess movement, especially the innermost world.
Clearly symbolizes the ability to analyze and solve problems …

This is why:
The Geminianas maintain these features but are more free, fast, and releasers are an Air sign.
Virgo women are more analytical, retailers and practices, as it is an earth sign.

Neptune: conscious, idealistic and imaginative

Rules Pisces

Symbolizes the most idealistic, imaginative and sensitive.
It is a planet that relates to art and creation.
This planet has a tendency to fight for what you want, believing in his convictions.
It can be sloppy and indecisive.
Many times it is beyond the tangible.

This is why the Piscean are intuitive, creative, intelligent … and inspired in every aspect of your life!

Pluto: restless, changeable and individual

Rules Scorpio

Pluto has to do with the unconscious or what we can not see.
It is closely associated with human reproduction.
It highlights its most active, rather than the merely emotional.
The changes are part of this planet.
It is the planet of the deeper psychic changes.

This is why the Escorpianas often seem remote and unattainable … are changing, risky, creative.

Saturn: responsible, patient and thoughtful. 

Rules Capricorn

Symbolically represents the shape of the soul and wisdom.
It is the teacher.
Imposes justice.
It is also associated restrictive.
It is a cautious and persevering planet.
It is the planet of learning.

This is why the Capricornianas are persevering, tenacious, cautious and practical.

Uranus: fair, unique and incomparable.

Rules Aquarius

Symbolically, it is the planet concerned and occupied in giving order to deviations.
It connects to science and exploration.
It is original, versatile and independent.
It is eccentric in many opportunities.
This world teaches us to go beyond the difficulties and problems that life presents.

This is why the Aquarian are resolute, practical, neat and perceptive.

Venus: loving, sensitive and very aesthetic.

Rules Taurus and Libra

Venus, as the legendary goddess, is one who loves family and sexual ideal.
Love is always present, in any form.
Perosnales relationships are key to Venus.
Symbolizes among other things the need and ability to share.
It is the kindness, tact and generosity.

This is why women of Taurus and Libra are sensitive, creative, harmonic. Sometimes messy and indecisive, but romantic and dependents. They fight for their values ​​and ideals.

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